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"Where performance meets mental health."



The CCMHS is a registered charity supporting the mental health and performance of competitive and high-performance athletes, coaches, and performing artists.

They are the first Centre in Canada to offer collaborative sport/performance-focused mental health care services designed to help athletes, coaches, and performing artists achieve their performance goals while preserving their mental health and well-being


Adopt-An-Athlete Fund

CCMHS' Adopt-An-Athlete | Coach fund uses donations to subsidize mental health care for athletes and coaches who meet eligibility requirements but cannot afford care.

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As quoted by Champions Unplugged

“I can tell you I’ve probably had at least half a dozen depression spells that I’ve gone through. And the one in 2014, I didn’t want to be alive”


The financial health of the CCMHS relies, in part, on the generosity of donors who share our core values and desire to positively impact the sport community and performing arts domain. Your contributions will help shift mental health TALK to mental health ACTION, and have a long-term impact by improving access to efficient and effective care and lifelong participation in sport and the performing arts.


"I don't know many athletes who have died as a result of a torn ligament or broken bone. However, I can name too many who have died as a result of a mental health struggle they were too afraid to share"


Professional Hockey Player