How can I watch the tournament Livestream?

Purchase a $20 ticket to be added to our email mailing list to receive the AthletesVS Livestream Charity Tournament link. 

Those who purchase a $20 ticket will also be entered into our prize draw with a chance to win a Toronto Maple Leafs Jersey, a Montreal Canadiens Jersey, or a Winnipeg Jets Jersey with an NHL Funkpop!

100% of the ticket fee goes directly to our partnered charity, The Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport.

How old do I need to be to play in the tournament?

Participants must be 18 years old or older to play in the AthletesVS tournament.

If I fundraise, will my team get to play in the tournament?

Teams can earn their spot in the AthletesVS tournament if they are one of the first 9 teams to raise the $150 team fundraising minimum.

How many teams will play in the tournament?

The number of teams that will be able to earn their spot to play in the tournament will be dependant on the number of AthleteVS athletes.
Because every team in the tournament will consist of 1 athlete and 3 fans, the number of athletes that participate in the tournament will determine how many teams will play.

Can I get a tax receipt on my donation if I participate in the tournament?

Yes! Donations over $20CAD are eligible to receive a tax receipt.

Tax receipts will begin to be issued after the AthletesVS tournament on July 22, 2021.

Can my team choose which athlete we're paired with?

Teams will choose their athlete teammate as soon as teams secure their spot in the tournament by fundraising $150CAD.